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Cement floor screed

Cement-sand screed is a monolithic layer in the floor structure, creating an even foundation for laying a finishing floor covering on it. Also, the screed performs the function of a protective dome for electrical and plumbing wiring, for fragile sound and thermal insulation layers, and also contributes to the most uniform distribution of the load on the floor.

Various grades of Portland cement are used as a binder in the cement binder solution, and gravel or sand is used as a filler. For better setting of the cement mortar, water is added to it. The strength of the mortar and, accordingly, the frozen screed will directly depend on its quantitative ratio with cement. For example, the ratio of cement M400 to water 45/55 gives the strength of the screed 15 N / mm2, and the ratio 70/30 is already 40 N/ mm2. In other words, the cement screed gets the greatest strength with the least amount of water required for cement hydration.

The technology of semi-dry screed completely got rid of all the disadvantages characteristic of a "wet" screed:

transportation of the required amount of mortar to the place of repair;

the high cost of the process itself;

abundant release of cement dust;

the appearance of cracks on the surface of the screed, and voids inside it;

uneven shrinkage.

The main feature of the semi–dry screed is that exactly the amount necessary for the hydration of cement is added to the floor screed solution, namely, 25-30% of the total mass of the cement mortar.

The ratio of cement to water 7 to 3 provides the water-cement solution with ease during pumping and molding. Due to the rapid hardening, the screed can be immediately processed by grout machines. The screed made according to the "semi-dry" technology has increased strength and freezes with a perfectly flat surface, so that the finishing floor covering can be laid on it without any additional processing.

According to the methods of arrangement , cement screeds can be divided into 3 types:

linked ties. They have a uniform bond with a solid foundation (for example, a concrete slab), so they can withstand significant loads. But their disadvantage is considered to be uneven shrinkage and the formation of numerous cracks associated with excessive moisture of the base;

screeds installed on the separation layer. They no longer depend on the degree of humidity of the base, thanks to the installation of a separation layer (usually a technical polyethylene film. In addition, the separation layer blocks the adhesion of the screed to the overlap and forms a waterproofing barrier;

"floating" screeds or screeds mounted on an insulating layer. They have no connection with the base, and therefore they are considered a fully loaded, independent structural element. Mandatory conditions for such a screed is its increased thickness – from 35 mm. Such a screed does not lose in strength to other types of screeds, since higher strength requirements are imposed on cement mortar.

Cement floor screedWe recommend using the "semi-dry" method to create cement screeds. Our company started using this technology back in 2004, and during this time has accumulated vast practical experience in the application of this technology in the most difficult conditions of private and industrial construction. The high qualification of our employees and the complete automation of the screed laying process allows us to achieve consistently high quality concrete floor regardless of its area.

Renting the necessary equipment will allow you to save on financing your construction and improve the quality of the flooring.

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