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About the specifics of transferring the Cobra concrete plant from Tecwill

A construction project is coming to an end or the need for concrete in the area is decreasing for some reason, it may be time to move the concrete plant to a new location. Two concrete plants, Skanska Asfalt och Bettan AB, were located in Solna, Stockholm for many years. Over the years, the area around the concrete plant was increasingly transformed from an industrial area to a residential area, and eventually it was time to move the plants to a new location.

Cobra relocation

Project planning and implementation

Project planning and preparation started very early. For example, a comparison with different alternatives for a new location. Other important tasks at the planning stage are:

Is the size of the new site large enough to accommodate not only the concrete plant, but also other functionality in the area? These include warehouses of materials, concrete trucks and places where they are washed, offices, and social facilities.

Is there enough water and electricity connections for the new area?

What are the logistics solutions for concrete materials such as aggregate and cement?

What is site logistics support planning? The installation and operation of a concrete plant requires good transport links for large vehicles.

Cobra relocation

Before installing, it is always useful for the customer to think about whether the installation needs to be modified for a new site. For example, is there a need to move the aggregate bins, increase the storage volume of cement, aggregate, or impurities?

During the operation to move the double concrete plant, a small reconstruction of some parts of the equipment where wear was already observed was carried out. At the same time, the equipment was fully serviced.

Tecwill mobile and modular concrete mixing plants

All Tecwill concrete plants are pre-assembled, pre-connected and tested in production. The installation of the concrete plant is simple, and the possible relocation can be done without any difficulty.

In each relaxation project, it is recommended to check the condition of the plant equipment simultaneously.

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